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Having decided on a course of action

Having decided on a course of action (part one) we have then prepared the body for that action (part two) we come to part three clear of niggling doubts and worries to distract us and so the shot becomes a fluid and instinctive motion which has a very good chance of a successful outcome. How it does this is a simple matter of brain training for every time you do something your brain forms a connection and the more times you do it the stronger and firmer that connection grows.Golf,like life is a game you cannot win. *Part Three: The shot is the final and most important part. The first part is course management, the second is pre shot routine and the final component is the shot itself. The three basic parts of every golf shot , whether from the tee, the fairway or the rough are exactly the same. *Part One: Course management is the process of deciding where to hit your golf ball to gain maximum advantage for your next shot. You can only play your game and how you approach the game is a sign of how well you will do and of how much enjoyment you will get out of it. The mental golf game is hugely important so take the time to train the brain and your golf will improve. This is helpful because the better the connection in the brain the more relaxed you are and a body that is not tense and stiff will perform better. Let's consider the three fundamentals. *Part Two: Pre shot routine is a buzz word in the golf world and for a very good reason, it will improve your golf. It could be a simple chip onto the green or a risky lob shot over a tree, any shot can go awry but with a little planning you can improve the odds.Sounds straightforward doesn't it, the problem most golfers have is mixing the parts up and ending up with a soggy mess. Many golfers will blast the golf ball as far as they can and if it lands on the fairway they consider it good. Any golf shot has three distinct, fundamental parts and if you pay attention to each part in turn, in the correct order the mental side of golf will become much easier and your golf will become so much more enjoyable. This is fine and dandy but not a good approach because you are never sure what your next shot will be. Much of life and much of golf is in the mind and if you can get your brain onboard then life, golf and everything is so much easier and fun. Remember this sequence of thoughts in the right order and you will approach every golf shot with a clear course of action with strong and reliable connections in your brain which will allow your body to carry out the actions required of it

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